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Media Analyst Intern (Korean Proficiency)

Location: Huangpu District, China
Date Posted:
Category: Professional Services & Support

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关于我们 About Us


Meltwater (Meltwater Group), headquartered in the United States, specializes in online media monitoring software services, and has rapidly expanded in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia.
Linkfluence was acquired by Meltwater in May 2021. It provides social consumer insights and artificial intelligence solutions for global brands. Founded in 2006, Linkfluence is headquartered in Paris, France. It also has offices in London, Dusseldorf, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, and San Francisco.
This internship is to support Linkfluence Shanghai social media analytics team.

工作职责 Responsibilities:

- 用内部研发的Radarly人工智能社交媒体分析平台,为客户进析消费者行为分析、市场热点流行分析等
Using our in-house developed Radarly AI social media analytics platform to analyze consumer behavior, market trends, and more for our clients
- 团队合作,按照项目主管的要求完成团队项目
Team-working, support each project following the guidance of the project manager
- 平台中进行文本、贴文分类标记
Tagging text and posts in the Radarly platform
- 根据分析结果,撰写PPT报告
Write PPT reports based on analysis results

我们希望你 We expect you to:

- 本科生研究生皆可,专业不限、可远程实习
Undergraduates and postgraduates, remote internship available
- 尽快到岗,每周至少3天,3个月以上
Be on board ASAP, at least 3 days a week for 3 months or more
- 对社交媒体分析研究行业有热情,熟悉office软件使用,尤其是Excel和PPT
Passionate about social media analysis and research, familiar with office software, especially Excel and PPT
- 责任心强不惧压力,乐于学习和接受挑战
Strong sense of responsibility, not afraid of pressure, willing to learn and accept challenges
- 英文书面以及口语沟通能力佳,以及韩语读写能力
Good communication skills in written and spoken English & Korean language ability

我们能给你 We can give you:

- 完善的培训体系,给予快速成长空间以及相应晋升体系,快节奏的工作环境
Perfect training system, fast growth space, fast-paced working environment
- 有机会接触各行业知名客户,为他们提供深入的报告分析以及建议
Opportunity to work with well-known clients in various industries and provide them with in-depth report analysis and recommendations